Recommended Restaurants in Taos | Blue Sky Retreat Center
Today my mom, my 8-year-old daughter and I walked from Blue Sky Retreat to the El Nogal Nature Trail #181.  It was an easy and flat 1-mile hike along-side a stream, under the shades of luscious green trees.  It was a cloudy day and the air smelled of rain.  We enjoyed our leisurely walk, laughing and connecting, the three generations of women in our family.
Blue Sky, Taos, NM
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Recommended Restaurants in Taos

Did you know that our very own Chef-Owner Marina can prepare a delicious home-made dinner for you from scratch?  Marina’s exceptional cooking is influenced by the Russian and Central Asian cuisine and includes favorite dishes like Golubci (stuffed cabbage rolls with beef and veggies), Baked Chicken marinated and baked to a juicy perfection, Big Green Salad, Pelmeni (Russian dumplings with beef) and so much more.  Marina can make some favorite staples for your kids such as pasta with butter and cheese, hot dogs, and pizza.  If you decide to stay in and enjoy your dinner in with a glass of your own wine, you now have a delicious dinner plan.  Please give Marina a 3 hr notice, so she can buy the fresh ingredients and make a home-made delicious dinner for you from scratch.  Please text Marina to coordinate at 281-500-3008

If you want to eat out, here are a few of our favorites restaurants in Taos:

The Love Apple is a wonderful place for dinner out.  Imagine a cozy, candle-lit local restaurant that features local and organic home cooking.  Love Apple is housed in what was once known as the Placitas Chapel. This little catholic church was built around the 1800’s and was in operation for 100 years. The food is quite exquisite.  The staff is welcoming and friendly.  The atmosphere is superb.  Note that they accept cash or checks only (no credit cards).  See full menu here.

The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House is a brewpub with a diverse selection of small batch handcrafted beer and eclectic and delicious burgers.  This is our favorite place for a casual dinner or lunch in town.  Kobe Beef Burger with Truffle Fries is to die for.

Taos Mesa Brewing has 2 locations: The Mothership and the Taos Tap Room.  If you don’t mind a short drive to the Mothership, you are in for a special treat.  Enjoy live music with the best view in town.  You get to savor your meal under a big blue sky with an occasional double rainbow over your head, in the majestic presence of the Sangre de Christo Mountains with a great beer in your hand.  The Tap room has the best pizza in town.  You get to enjoy a variety of gourmet pizza, great appetizers and, of course, a wonderful selection of craft beers and wine.

The Gorge Bar and Grill is located right on Taos Plaza in the Heart of Taos.  You can enjoy your meal on the patio outside luxuriating in the amazing New Mexico summer, late spring or early autumn.  The Plaza is decorated with the most beautiful Christmas lights in the winter time.  The food is quite good and will suit everyone in your group from kids to adults.  You will find a great selection of sandwiches, salads, tacos and appetizers with a bit of New Mexico favorites like green chile burgers aka The “Gorgeous” Burger to Spicy Green Chile Sirloin Stew.  You can explore numerous shops, galleries and coffee shops on and around the Plaza right after your meal.

Our favorite restaurant in Taos Ski Valley is The Bavarian.  The gourmet menu features refined German dishes that are hearty but never heavy with great ice cold beer, of course.  What a perfect way to take a break during an active day on the ski slopes or the hiking trails.  Choose among such offerings as Sauerbraten, Wienerschnitzel, or Käsespätzle, accompanied by a selection from The Bavarian’s fine wine list or one of their specially imported beers from Hofbräu Haus, Andechs Brewery or Weltenburg Brewery in Germany. For those who prefer a more American meal, they offer salads, sandwiches, and burgers.  The Bavarian is a bit of a hidden treasure and you have to ski to the bottom of Ski Lift #4 to find it.