Williams Lake Hike in Taos Ski Valley | Blue Sky Retreat Center
Today our entire family and our close friends, a group of 12, went on a white water rafting racecourse half-day trip with Far Flung Adventures here in Taos, New Mexico. We made a reservation over the phone a couple of days in advance and paid a 50% deposit. Because we had so little snow, the river was very low, a perfect set up for the little ones between ages 7 to 10. Our guide’s name was Hank and he was absolutely incredible! He is a master of his craft, directing us so skillfully in maneuvering our raft. He was funny and entertaining. He was really great with kids. We all were laughing and having a great time. There is something truly magical and so very special when you get outside in nature, breathing in the fresh mountain air, looking up at the big limitless blue sky in total awe, and connecting with Mother Nature. Kids had an opportunity to jump in the water and swim for a bit. The freezing mountain river is quite refreshing especially on a hot summer day. As soon as we got out of the rafts, Hank set up a picnic for us with home-made salsa, corn chips, juicy watermelon and oranges. It was just what we needed after rafting and being outside for a couple of hours. When you visit the enchanted New Mexico, you MUST go white water rafting. Call Far Flung Adventures and ask for Hank. He is the best! Tell him that Blue Sky recommended him 
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Williams Lake Hike in Taos Ski Valley

Williams Lake Trail is located in Taos Ski Valley, a 40- minute picturesque drive from Blue Sky.  It takes between 60 to 90 minutes to hike up to the lake and 30-60 minutes to come down.  The hike is intermediate level and our children (from age 6) and parents (62+) have hiked it before.

It is absolutely beautiful and shady all the way up.  If you are feeling brave, you can take a cold plunge in the icy cold water of Williams Lake (that is when there is water in the lake.  Sometimes, during a drought there is no water in the lake.  It depends on how much snow we get in the winter).

You can do this hike at all seasons.  It is so different and so beautiful in every season.

Once you get to the lake, you can hike a bit to the right and there is a beautiful waterfall there.

Eat at The Bavarian.  It’s really good food and excellent beer!

What to bring:

hiking shoes or tennis shoes

hiking poles if you have them can be helpful

sun block, hats and sun glasses


a sweater, as it can be chilly by the lake

swim suit and a towel if you want to cold plunge