Romantic Getaway in Taos | Blue Sky Retreat Center
Wheeler Peak is about a 4.5 mile hike at the Taos Ski Valley and it is not for the faint at heart. For someone in a top shape, this advanced level hike will take about 6 hours to complete. It is a beautiful and challenging hike and it is totally worth it. The highest point in the state of New Mexico at about 13,167 feet up offers a 360 degree stunning view that will take your breath away. What we recommend: hike up to Williams Lake (about 1 hr), have a picnic and a cold plunge in the lake.  If you decide to keep on to Wheeler Peak, be ready for another 5 more hours of intense hiking :)
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Romantic Getaway in Taos

Most couples lose spark and passion in the mundane routine of everyday life.  You can rekindle the fire of your passion on a romantic getaway in the Land of Enchantment, Taos, New Mexico at Blue Sky Retreat and Bed & Breakfast at the historic San Geronimo Lodge.  Spend the day hiking in the beauty of Mother Nature, enjoy a romantic dinner in town and snuggle up by the kiva fireplace at Blue Sky.

After a weekend in Taos, you will feel deeply connected and so in love again.

Some of our favorite restaurants in Taos are Lambert’s (request to sit outside in their beautiful courtyard lit up by the candlelight), Medley (even though it’s a bit of a drive away from Taos Plaza, the food and the atmosphere are definitely worth it.  They have plenty of outdoor seating as well) and Love Apple with its organic and local sourcing.  Make reservations in advance, as space is limited.

Our favorite hike is Williams Lake Trail in Taos Ski Valley.  After a fun and energetic hike, you can enjoy lunch at The Bavarian right at the trail head or drive to Arroyo Secco and have a casual bite (yummy lox bagel is our fave) with delicious homemade ice cream at Taos Cow.

If you prefer to check out art galleries and shops at Taos Plaza, you must have lunch at Manzanita Market with their yummy homemade ice cream.  Our favorite sandwich is Beef Bahn Mi and Almond Ice Cream is to die for.

Come visit us in Taos New Mexico.  October in The Land of Enchantment will take your breath away.